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Our mission is to produce high value-added printed materials, with responsibility and the awareness that these products are of special importance to our customers. We strive for continuous improvement and we are proud to make our experience available to transform your ideas and projects into objects.




Improving every day and finding ideal solutions for our customers and their projects.



We are constantly looking for new technical solutions and production processes that allow us to be at the forefront and to work with the most effective tools for our employees and customers.



Helping our customers with sound advice to allow them to make the best choices in accordance with their needs.



Create long-term relationships with our customers in a spirit of collaboration and mutual trust to achieve our goals


The Aosta Valley has always been a territory that has allowed three strong traditions – the French, the Swiss and the Italian traditions – to know each other and to come together.

In 1837, when Musumeci was founded under the name “Tipografia Lyboz”, only a mere twenty years had passed since the passage of Aosta from Napoleonic France to the Kingdom of Sardinia. Italy as we know it today did not exist yet. And yet, in the old town center of the region’s capital, typography made it possible to start printing the very first sheets of paper; and so it continued for over a century, overcoming the two world wars and the painful conflicts that ensued. It was a small city printing shop that only dealt with local printed materials, until it was taken over by Sergio Musumeci (hence the current name) and then moved, in 1981 – for expansion plans and greater space requirements – outside of Aosta, more exactly in Quart, where it is still located today. Publishing emerged in addition to the printing activity. It grew significantly between the late 80s and early 90s with the national magazine “Oasis”, the first Italian magazine dedicated to the environment, travel and nature, not to mention other important collaborations, including the one with RAI.

However, printing remained Musumeci’s main business. Building on the momentum of new investments and a deep corporate reorganization, Musumeci became a pioneer in Italy and in Europe when it came to using new technologies in the print sector.

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Musumeci S.p.a. A socio unico
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Valle d’Aosta – Italia

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