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The Aosta Valley has always been a territory that has allowed three strong traditions – the French, the Swiss and the Italian traditions – to know each other and to come together.

In 1837, when Musumeci was founded under the name “Tipografia Lyboz”, only a mere twenty years had passed since the passage of Aosta from Napoleonic France to the Kingdom of Sardinia. Italy as we know it today did not exist yet. And yet, in the old town center of the region’s capital, typography made it possible to start printing the very first sheets of paper; and so it continued for over a century, overcoming the two world wars and the painful conflicts that ensued. It was a small city printing shop that only dealt with local printed materials, until it was taken over by Sergio Musumeci (hence the current name) and then moved, in 1981 – for expansion plans and greater space requirements – outside of Aosta, more exactly in Quart, where it is still located today. Publishing emerged in addition to the printing activity. It grew significantly between the late 80s and early 90s with the national magazine “Oasis”, the first Italian magazine dedicated to the environment, travel and nature, not to mention other important collaborations, including the one with RAI.

However, printing remained Musumeci’s main business. Building on the momentum of new investments and a deep corporate reorganization, Musumeci became a pioneer in Italy and in Europe when it came to using new technologies in the print sector. It was indeed the right time to take risks: many companies did not believe that things would change anytime soon, and so they stuck with the old photolithic systems and, more importantly, with the old way of setting up printing matrices. But Musumeci’s management knew that a revolution would break out shortly thereafter. It was one of the very first companies in Europe to use the PostScript language by installing the complete Apple Macintosh computer system with Adobe and QuarkXpress. What looked like a risk then – let’s not forget the distrust with which our suppliers and competitors saw us – turned out to be the right choice. From then on, it allowed us to always have an edge over our contenders, who had no other choice but to hurry and catch up. Innovation continued with the historic change from CTF (computer to film) to CTP (computer to plate). We updated the machines and that is when our ongoing collaboration with Heidelberg started. Thanks to these important developments, Musumeci was growing steadily, not only on the Italian market, but on the foreign market too, specializing itself with greater force and recognition in the printing of art and photography books. In the 1990s, the greatest French and American publishers in these areas relied on Musumeci for the production of their books, including those on William Klein, Sebastiao Salgado and Henri Cartier-Bresson. The Swiss market was also gaining importance, so much so that it caught the attention of the Swiss group PCL Holding (currently SFFAG SA), which acquired Musumeci in 2005. The publishing part of Musumeci was separated from the printing one. A new multi-year investment plan was set up with the aim of expanding the company in Europe and around the world, and to make it even more of a reference point for the publishing and production of printed materials with high added value.

In 2013, we relaunched this objective with a complete renovation of the machine park (set-up of two brand new 8-color and 10-color Heidelberg machines), the set-up of a complete internal binding line and the upgrade of the entire production plant. This has allowed Musumeci to keep growing over the years and to provide its customers with cutting-edge technology and – most importantly – unmatched experience. We’ve always paid special attention to staff retention so as to constantly improve and increase the company’s knowledge base; we consider it a key point to offer to our customers whose expectations are high in terms of products and processes. Today, thanks to a selected pool of suppliers specialized in the various aspects of product finishing, Musumeci can offer the guarantee of being a partner with whom to establish a serious and responsible relationship to achieve the best possible results and accomplish important goals (like the many prizes won over the last decade).

The transformation launched in 2013 was completed in 2019 with the launch of two new identities that can convey the positioning of Musumeci Spa in an even more effective fashion:

Musumeci – Printing Atelier since 1837

It reclaims the history and the essence of the company, focusing even more on the fascinating and challenging market of the printing of art, photography and luxury books – innovation and tradition merge in the search for continuous improvement.


It aims to act as a new alternative for all manufacturing companies that need to better represent their products on paper: thanks to our experience and high standards, we are able to offer simple, fast and effective processes to improve the world of commercial catalogs.

The next few years will be full of challenges. You can count on Musumeci.